There will be an Antenna Party on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at 8:30 AM at one of the Center Lake Pavilions. Curt / K9GV will be showing us the basics of building an Off-Center Fed Dipole, sometimes referred to as a Windham or Carolina Windham antenna. This is sure to be an interesting and information time, so make sure you are there.

10/31/16 Update – We had a great time at the Antenna Party this past Saturday. Ten people showed up, and Curt / K9GV did a nice demo on building a Windham Off-Center Fed Dipole. Loren / WB9OST was our ‘SWR guy’, dialing in the frequencies as they were called out to test the finished product. We shortened the the antenna three times at the Party, but the final length will be determined once the antenna is installed in its working location. Thanks to all for coming out, and especially to Curt and Loren for being there to tell us what’s going on. We appreciate it guys!