Hoosier Lakes Radio Club

Weekly ARES and RACES Net

Wednesday at 7:00 PM on 145.130 ALT Q 146.490
Saturday 8:00 AM on 145.130 ALT Q 146.490

Indiana Traffic Nets

Over the past couple weeks I have delivered messages to a couple hams that are now either checking in to the Indiana Traffic Net, or listening in. Not every part of the State has as many active hams as we do in this area, and they appreciate being contacted by other hams with messages. If you would like to listen or check into a Net, here is a schedule of the Section Nets:

Net NameFrequencyMode / SidebandLocal DayYear Round Local Eastern Time
Indiana Traffic Net (ITN)3.910LSBDaily08:30
Indiana Section CW Net (QIN)3.535CWDaily08:00
Indiana Digital Traffic Net (IDTN)3.585Various DigitalM-F09:00
Indiana Traffic Net (ITN)3.940LSBDaily18:00
Indiana Slow CW Net (ICN)3.535CWDaily19:00
Indiana Section CW Net (QIN)3.535CWDaily20:00
Indiana ARES Digital Net (IDN)3.583OLIVIA/8/5/USBWednesday20:30
Indiana ARES HF Net3.900LSBSunday17:00