December 15th, 1939 saw the rise of six privately owned, non-profit radio stations that did not engage in any form of commercial broadcasting. Formed by amateur radio operators, these stations became the foundation for what would eventually become the Hoosier Lakes Radio Club. The six operators were:

Elmer Shull (W9MFD)
Charles T. Barringer (W9JNI)
James S. Murtaugh (W9WAD)
Everett LeRoy Shoemaker (W9WAR)
Harry D. Clingenpeel (W9GMF)
William Nelson Lang (W9VNQ)

The Hoosier Lakes Radio Club was formed in 1951 by a group of local amateur radio operators and electronic experimenters.

On March 23rd, 2004 we received the station call of K9CWD which was the call of James K. Landis, a long time club member who headed up our field days ever since his days in high school in the late 50’s. James passed away on October 20th, 1995. We are very glad to have his call and hope we can do justice to it.

Everett Shoemaker

Everett Shoemaker
Photo Taken 8/24/06

Everett was the last surviving founding member of the club. SK – 12/14/10