We are pleased to announce the return of the Indiana DMR Information Net on Tuesday, June 27th @ 8:00 pm EST. 00:00 UTC. The purpose of the Indiana Statewide DMR Information Net is to provide information of interest to Amateur Radio operators in regards to the hobby, to test the limitations of the Indiana Statewide talkgroup, #3118 and offer a round-table technical session about DMR and other ham radio related topics. This net also exists to allow us as operators to have a real time test of our equipment, practice our operating skills, and learn how to properly check into a net. Membership in any group is not required for participation in this net and all check-ins are welcome.

DMR, or Digital Mobile Radio, is an open source standard for TDMA digital communications. Originally designed for the commercial market by ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standard Institute), the DMR standard was adopted by the amateur community in 2008 with the intent of building a worldwide IP linked repeater network. Since then, the network has grown to over 3,500 repeaters. with over 51,000 users worldwide in nearly 70 countries.

This is the list of Indiana repeaters currently on BrandMeister

311800W9AMTIndianapolisIndianaUnited States441.215TS1 TS2W9AMTBrandMesiter
311806W9AMTRoadshowIndianaUnited States441.212515TS1 TS2W9AMTBrandMesiter
311812KC9TKJBloomingtonIndianaUnited States442.115TS1 TS2KC9TKJBrandMesiter
311815N9MTFColumbia CItyIndianaUnited States442.815TS1 TS2N9MTFBrandMesiter
311822W9YBWest LafayetteIndianaUnited States443.615TS1 TS2N9DKIBrandMesiter
311825KC9TKJFloyds KnobsIndianaUnited States443.112515TS1 TS2KC9TKJBrandMesiter
311828W9AMTGreenwoodIndianaUnited States442.112515TS1 TS2W9AMTBrandMesiter
311829K9IKQTerre HauteIndianaUnited States442.087515TS1 TS2K9IKQBrandMesiter
311834W9AMTMuncieIndianaUnited States441.287515TS1 TS2W9AMTBrandMesiter
311836W9OGEvansvilleIndianaUnited States442.187515TS1 TS2N9OLBrandMesiter
311838KC9TKJMorgantownIndianaUnited States443.162515TS1 TS2KC9TKJBrandMesiter
311839KC9TKJNashvilleIndianaUnited States443.587515TS1 TS2KC9TKJBrandMesiter
311841N9MTFFort WayneIndianaUnited States442.637515TS1 TS2N9MTFBrandMesiter
311842KC9YGINewportIndianaUnited States443.087515TS1 TS2W9MJWBrandMeister
311843WX9HCDanvilleIndianaUnited States444.57515TS1 TS2N9ALDBrandMesiter
311845W9AMTIndianapolisIndianaUnited States145.411-0.6TS1 TS2W9AMTBrandMesiter
311846K9NZFLynnIndianaUnited States441.512515TS1 TS2K9NZFBrandMesiter
311847KC9YGIFosterIndianaUnited States443.087515TS1 TS2W9MJWBrandMesiter
311848KC9TKJScipioIndianaUnited States441.312515TS1 TS2KC9TKJBrandMesiter
311851W9AMTIndianapolisIndianaUnited States927.93751-25TS1 TS2W9AMTBrandMesiter

For an up to date list of the Indiana DMR Repeaters please visit Hoosier DMR.

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