We will be holding the Kosciusko County ARES Simulated Emergency Test on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 9:00 AM to about 3:00 PM. This is an annual requirement for ARES, and is a time to see exactly how prepared each of us is for an actual emergency.

You are encouraged to get a go-kit together and use it during this Exercise. The plan is to cover the County, so elevated antennas, mobile transceivers and anything else that will boost your signal to be heard county wide will be useful. We will be operating in teams of two or three, so you don’t have to worry about being placed in a situation you can’t handle. I hope each of you will plan to participate, and to get your own gear ready for this exercise.

There will be a few Club radios available for use by Club members, but it would be best to bring your own equipment as well, because in an actual emergency, that might be all you have to work with. Also, if you have packet capabilities, please include that, and let me know, so we can plan placements to maximize all capabilities.

UPDATE 11/21/16 – Thanks to everyone that turned out yesterday for the cold and wet Kosciusko County ARES S.E.T. We had eight that showed up at the beginning and participated for the duration of the event, and two more that came in at the end for the debrief. It certainly wasn’t a day for the faint of heart, and we appreciate all those that made the effort to participate. Thank you all!